30 Day Carnivore Challenge

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Simple challenge right, just eat meat for 30 days Wow, I can’t believe it’s been almost 2 weeks since I finished my challenge without telling you about it. It’s just that when I would try to write I would have so much to say. At first I thought I would... more

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Introduction to Keto – Part 1

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Keto For Truckers _________________________ What is Keto If you find and read different Facebook pages on keto you will find that there are several different theories. There are so many theories out there it would be difficult to list them all in an introduction to Keto. Some pages are very... more

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Welcome to my Webpage

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My name is John Kinney and I would like to welcome everyone to my page. Like the ketogenic woe this page is a work in progress. It will constantly changing as I get the time to make updates. Ketogenic diet If you read most of the Facebook pages out there... more

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