About Us

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Who are we?

First, let me say that none of us are trained chefs. We are just a group of truck drivers that want to help out fellow drivers that are over weight.

My name is John Kinney and I am a driver/instructor/trainer for Prime. One of the main things I try to teach all my students is to stay out of the truck stops. They can save money and lose/maintain their weight by eating on the truck.

Why are we doing this?

Most of the members on this site started because they wanted to lose weight. I started for a different reason; I wanted to get my blood sugar under control and get my blood pressure down. I ve done low carb diets before, but never one as “strict” as a ketogenic diet.

So I studied the keto diet for about 6 months before I started. I joined Facebook groups and read what everyone else had to say. Then I read about the “No Sugar Challenge”. Except, I changed the challenge a little. I cut out all sugar.

After 7 days on the sugar challenge I was feeling better. I had less knee pain; my blood glucose had dropped; and I didn’t have a need for carbs. So I started moving more into the keto diet. Not all at once, but a little at a time.

When I went for my next cdl physical I fond that I had lost 35 pounds without trying. No hunger, no counting calories, no pains. Keto made it so easy to stick with the WOE.

I also noticed that it was actually easier to cook keto on the truck then a regular diet. I could have a limited amount of supplies on the truck and make tasty meals. I learned to make my own mayo and ranch dressing, thought myself that I didn’t need to eat low fat meat, and got rid of all the carbs that would mold easily on the truck.

After doing this a couple months I decided to start a Facebook page to pass my “secrets” of success on to my fellow drivers. I was posting so many recipes on that group page I decided to start a web page where I could post all the recipes in one place. The Facebook page is KetoForTruckers.