30 Day Carnivore Challenge

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Simple challenge right, just eat meat for 30 days

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been almost 2 weeks since I finished my challenge without telling you about it. It’s just that when I would try to write I would have so much to say. At first I thought I would just write about how I felt. Then I decided to divide it up into sections. This is what I came up with:

1. What version of Carnivore did I follow?

2. Did I do Intermittent Fasting and which version did I follow?

3. What was my daily schedule like?

4. How did I feel while eating that way?

5. Finally, did I continue; and would/will I do it again?

What version of Carnivore did I do?

It might surprise you that there are probably as many versions of Carnivore as there are versions of Keto. Every person that I watched on YouTube had there own definition of Carnivore. Why not, it’s how you get someone to watch your videos.

Shawn Baker was one of the strictest carnivore gurus. He ate mostly meat and a lot of it at a time. He also ate one meal a day.

Dr. Nick Zyroski recommended meat, fish, and organ meats. But he also added in limited dairy and eggs. Whether you needed organ meats or not was probably the most debated item I found.

Dr. Berry recommended meat, fish, and shell fish. He also allowed limited dairy and eggs. He didn’t say that organ meat was required.

Health coach Kate and several others allowed you to add in spices. They didn’t specify that you need organ meat. In fact, several doctors said they were not required.

Since I like my food to have a lot of flavor I choose the version that allowed me to have limited spices.

Intermittent Fasting

You would think this would be an easy choice. Either to fast or not to fast? Wrong, again there are several versions.

The purist says that you can only have water on your fast. But after watching video after video of Dr. Jason Fung I came to the conclusion that you could have “bullet proof” coffee and not kick yourself out of Autophagy.

I also looked into whether I should eat one meal a day or more then one meal. After listening to Megan Ramos I decided to do at least 2 meals a day. She works with Dr. Fung and says OMAD should be used for maintenance, not weight lose.

My daily routine

Normally, I am awake between 0530 and 0630. After taking my blood sugars I start my coffee. I fill my mug with one tbsp of butter and one tbsp of MCT Oil. I used the butter to help keep me full and the MCT to help jump start my production of ketones.

I would normally eat my first whole food meal between 1000 and 1100 in the morning. The time I ate depended on when I ate my last meal at night. This normally consisted of eggs in one form or another and some meat.

My last meal of the day was between 1600 and 1800. This meal normally consisted of 1/2 pound of meat with spices. The rest of the night I drank water only.

How did I feel

Most of the time I felt fine eating this way. It did make it kind of easy not having to decide what side items to have with my meal. My main concern was if I was getting enough calories.

I didn’t take measurements or weight myself before starting this. I wanted it to be more about how it affected my body then about how much weight I lost. I did notice a measurable difference in my knees. So much so that I even quit taking the Aleve that I normally took. I did/do continue to take and use turmeric everyday.

Would I do it again

When my 30 days was up I started adding carbs back into my diet. I just wanted to see how they would affect me. If you do this I would recommend that you add your carbs back a little at a time.

I plan on restarting the Carnivore WOE at the end of February. Hopefully it will be just as successful.


Overall I feel comfortable with what I did. If you’re a purist you might say I didn’t really do Carnivore, or even IF. But, I feel that within limits every WOE has room to improvise.

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  1. posted by Kim on February 21, 2019

    Hey john great summary. I would like to carnivore with you
    I didn’t get to finish January. But the days i had carnivore i felt better.


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