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My name is John Kinney and I would like to welcome everyone to my page. Like the ketogenic woe this page is a work in progress. It will constantly changing as I get the time to make updates.

Ketogenic diet

If you read most of the Facebook pages out there on keto you will notice that no one has a strict understanding of what the woe is about. It seems everyone reads about keto and then decides how they want to interpret the information. In keeping with “everyone has their opinion” we will not enforce any strict way of eating. Hopefully we are all adults and can take the information that we need away from this site and leave what we don’t want.


I need to let everyone know that I am not a trained chef. I have no formal training so I will make mistakes, lots of mistakes. You are free to post recipes to this site also. There are some rules to posting a recipe;

1. You have to register as a chef.

2. All the recipes need to be able to be made on a truck with limited resources and limited supplies.

3. Keep the recipe simple.  That means limited about of ingredients,  3 would be a good limit. Limit the number of spices.  I try not to use more than 5 at a time.

Register your information

If you are planning on posting recipes to this site toy need to register.  Even if you don’t want to post recipes I would like you to register.

This will allow me to see who is visiting my site. It also means I can send you post and recipes to your email. You can keep up with all the post without coming to the site (although you are still welcome and encouraged to visit the site).

Facebook Group

If you are not a member of our Facebook you should sign up.  This group is for truckers,  their families,  and others that live inn small spaces.   If you want to join are not in the above group just answer that you are a member of this web page.

The group page is Keto For Truckers

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